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Search director Ma Tao (urgent)

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Click watch special recommend information of invite applications for a job ===Detailed information===Name: Search director Ma Tao [action] classification: Embroider hits edition / stylist description: Search my miller to be in charge of: Xia? male.1981 year unripe on July 10. The village before channel of fishing of county of clever wall of the Anhui province is pressed down. Id: 342224198107101310. You go to work at going to Tianjin early 6 years on Feburary 13 by the car from Xuzhou, did not arrive up to now. I inquired 13 to give serious traffic accident many cases on road of ferry Shanghai high speed, we do not know you are in now not be in this traffic accident! If lucky you were not if this traffic accident is medium, ask you fast contact with me, your be missing suddenly, bring about my factory to cannot be produced! Please the person of the same trade that knows its to fall or the personage that know its person are asked fast contact with me. Information is accurate. My factory has surely wither again! ===The connection means of promulgator===OnlyLoginthe member is visible!

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