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Shui Rong is lacy plate making introduction

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Shui Rong is lacy plate making introduction
Author: Lead a befuddled life
Latter be unemployed is in the home, dull in the extreme, try to look for bit of thing to do to oneself, this BBS looks is killtime
good place. I am a person that likes limelight particularly, it is the curiosity that suffer from causes others without other strong point only,
Exclusive and be expert at be plate making. If I am here to say some of average plate making key to everybody,will fool everybody, be afraid of only meeting by
You are bungled dead with the brick, because here is the ground of a hiddden talents, ace is like the cloud. Crooked crooked meeting has overmuch Ji Ji class door lane
The ill will of axe.
I begin to call Shui Rong's edition from 1993, to 2002 golden basin washs his hands, did the left and right sides 10 years fully, control oneself also
Have bit of result, so I prepare to talk about the topic of plate making of dissolve of a few water here. I notice what the person chats here is very much is general
The plate making that connect, see the text of plate making of concerned water dissolve rarely. I begin to attend class below, with a ha breath out ~~
Water dissolve edition and common edition are the biggest differ even if unlike common plate making in that way can " be seen already earning " , it goes up in the machine
One still must be passed after finishing " water is boiled " working procedure, it is this working procedure make the stitch processing when carrying dozen of Shui Rong edition
Unlike common plate making. Water dissolve plate making does not need a lot of stitch, use at most namely prevailing " plain knit "
And " the needle that average a bale " , do not use an elephant almost " collapse collapse rice " , "E word needle " the stitch of and so on. In calling water dissolve edition " smooth
Needle " importance is cannot character at, the success of beautiful edition of dissolve of a water major be decided by and you are right " plain knit " use
The factor with main another is graph draft, when my respecting " the graph stalks of grain " this word when I believe a lot of people are held not
The attitude that disappear considers, you can think software of a lot of plate making supports scanning to input now, need not carry at all " the graph stalks of grain " this word
, if you think you are then wrong so really. I did not say edition of the dissolve that hit water does not suit the software that inputs with scanning, have to uses a number
Change appearance cannot, fact rather, what call water dissolve edition in me is final in a few years, the software that scanning inputs is popular, I feel
Those who become aware the software that scanning inputs digitlizes appearance than using is good with, save labour is its biggest advantage. Give you a water when a client
When dissolve pattern is tasted, when I believe it is major, awaiting is wrinkled, place at all rough. If you are so direct it