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Photoshop adjusts colour degree of saturation to owe the picture of beautiful

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Open a piece of picture first, the colour of this piece of picture is short of break degree of saturation, the picture is as follows:

Handle the effect after:

Try to adjust its degree of saturation directly above all now, but we will detect picture quality is not too good.

Build adjust graph layer, because be revised than be directly on the picture so,be close friends a few.

Adjust as follows, color of the disclosure after adjusting appears together, did not achieve expectant result, because the computation of picture quality and Photoshop is brought about,this is.


Eliminate the appearance of color piece as far as possible to make image medium, we can be done to the picture first certain soft the action that change or says faintness, make each elephant element is mixed the elephantine element all round can as far as possible shirt-sleeve, transferring is not so curt, undertake adjustment to colour again next.

Duplicate above all graph layer, pursue as follows:

Choose Lv lens, motley, intermediate value next, right above layer of a graph does Lv lens processing, everybody should know its effect, processing is as follows:

Be opposite next above the graph layer that uses worry unnecessarily lens undertakes colour is adjusted, here increases its degree of saturation, of course if feel other hue and so on bad, also can adjust, adjust as follows:

Mix the color that adjusts good graph layer mode to adjust next make facial expression, the effect is as follows, can undertake a few contrast with the picture that adjusts directly at the beginning:

The effect above contrast, did not have with the phenomenon that revises color piece on original intent.