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The ABC of the format reachs the patulous name of of all kinds software

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File format. Computer transaction file has definite pattern, for instance of my TXT text file suffixal it is.txt, will that computer embroider involve those forms? The file format cent of computer embroider is two kinds, a kind of oneself format itself that is plate making software can be not read to take by computer embroider machine, and the pattern that each plate making software have him, for instance Tian Dao 6.0 (Tajima) with Weierkemu (Wilcom) Tian Dao of the ESD format of Tian Dao of edition of EMB format, DOS, NDP format of Tian Mu, Persia (Pulse) POF and PXF format are waited a moment; Still have kind it is machine format, machine format is the standard of a file that machine manufacturer establishs, these namely disk inserts the machine in embroider machine to read the form that after taking, moves, and the pattern that great majority of plate making software can change oneself is a variety of machine formats. Country's common machine form has Tian Dao (.dst) the ternary format of embroider machine and lark are amounted to (.dsb) the binary format of embroider machine. And homebred machine also is to press metric system of these two kinds of files to build mostly.
The format of software of that plate making and machine format have what distinction. We treat machine form first, machine format recorded a needle merely pile up with a few functions. Because the pace of embroider machine takes the displacement measure of the X axis of electric machinery and Y axis (lowermost deflection quantity is 0.1MM) , stop, cut a line to had changed the functional code such as color to be able to use binary system or ternary code only; We treat form of plate making software again, this is file of a special and comprehensive information, the needle included not just inside it, the information such as the function and to the needle undertake a series of having of the rule weave inside still can include bitmap or vectorgraph file, the volume that it recorded pattern, color, the type density that still has needle mark relative to the position, we can have an edition to these information. Can see machine format does not possess so much information. We call format of plate making software source file, and machine format is output file. Do then you say I take file of a DST to also can not edit likely, that is the system that a mark making an injection contains to identify processor inside software of a few advanced plate making, it is it undertook turning over compiling to DST file, that is to say this is a converse process. This process can handle the editor information of reductive great majority generally speaking, but not be all, for instance the theme spends the information such as rice of couch of couch of grain, gradual change to cannot be handled very well. This process can understand so, a mirror was broken have later went up to joining together through a few methods, but it is faulty from beginning to end. Handle a few careful variety especially, a few parameter inside for instance slash type of density, needle can change.