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Open needle slash file, identify a target / outline

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Open needle slash file when you, identify a target / when outline, you are OK set decipher option will decide how to change variety design. Of the kind of needle slash folder that option selects as you differ and differ somewhat.

How is annotate decipher option should mirror a pattern to design digitlized so, is not now you hope it is what appearance. Choose different set to undertake the experiment will get optimal result.

How to open needle slash file, identify a target / outline

1.Open a file from your hard disk, or read in a file from punched tape or disk.

Be opened a dialog box.

2.Choose needle slash form from file type detailed list, choose to want the document that open.

3.Click option with mouse.

Decipher option dialog box will be opened.

4.Choice object / outline answer chooses casing.

Annotate depends on type of place choosing file, can choose different option.

5.Choose different machine form from machine type detailed list by the requirement.

6.By the requirement number of input slip stitch serves as cut line identifying.

When DG/ML encounters a lot of this kind of successive slip stitches, it will change them into function shears a line.

If this value is designed unlike original pattern,warn, inserted function shears a line incorrectly possibly.

7.Use by the requirement stop to pile up casing to choose to output a type to stop a yard.

Change color:  of snipe of Dong of V Gu Long is random deep and remote  of Qian of  of post Ba a unit of length fastens chaos of O of Sui of  of  of post Ba a unit of length ∪ of Ba  Ti > copy
Stops: Evil spirit of  of snipe of Dong of V Gu Long is returned be able to bear or endure V a low bank of earth between fields;  Wang V ticks off silk ribbon Huan to whence! ?
From the definition: Tip bosomy  grinds field  of Qiu crash a unit of length becomes Xin of  of Lai litter collect to carry U of Ge of Gu of V of  of Ba a unit of length to kitchen the crusty pancake crouchs  of  of collect of glutinous ignoranting   of ㄑ of hoarse of  of  of group of music of bail of  of ㄑ of  of collect of whencing N of Zhi of  of dizzy  of bay  tip
8.Check the status of embroider machine by the requirement, choose correct set next (speed 1 or speed 2) from detailed list (if have) .

Machine of a few Barudan has speed switch. Depend on its position, fast value is to gift speed 1 or speed 2. For example, if you choose career 1, every fast function becomes changeover speed 1 command.