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Tian Hong leaves from now on 98 turn and enter XP(attached drawing)

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Tian Hong is hit edition it is dozen of 16 when move below Dos edition software! Winxp is 32 complete operating systems, yes

Complete slam the door the operating system of Dos core! What method installs Tian Hong Windowsxp inside!

Above all we want have the aid of VirtualPC this software, download address: Http://www.ninesky.net/down/softdown.asp? Softid=21267

1. installs VirtualPC fictitious machine first,
2. opens VirtualPC, 98 systems are installed on VirtualPC (can download fictitious 98 systems) ,
It is OK that 3. installs the software such as Tian Hong or day wood on fictitious 98 systems

{Microsoft issues the formal edition of Virtual PC 2007 eventually, it is order of a fictitious engine, when can letting an user be the same as on Windows, move for example MS-DOS, windows, the system such as OS/2. And at any time switch or move at the same time. Still provide the function such as network communication besides.

Original Win98 the second edition (very classical fictitious system _ need not be installed)
Very classical fictitious engine system, the XP that installs than me is fictitious many good! It is the specification of the person that create formerly below:
This is my private original Win98 the second edition, altruistic dedication gives everybody to use.
Install good Vitual PC to build the PC of a Winows98, had adjusted fictitious machine memory, it is OK to add image file Win98.vhd add image file Win98.vhd next moved.
Personal classics upgrades to arrive newlier 2005-09-30 day.
Personal installation installs good file to share, it is OK that everybody changes to share list. (Right key dot is fictitious) of icon of folder of wrong lower part of extent of the mind that start,
The network already was set share mode for the network, gateway is, can get online immediately below most circumstance. (File of mind extent " manages in fictitious machine ">"Parameter setting ">"Net of the choice in fictitious network " blocks) .
Supportive lead plane and fictitious machine file procrastinate directly put (it is OK that Xp system lead plane falls other system had not tried) .
Hope everybody likes.
Download address: Http://www.wzlu.com/soft/softdown.asp? Softid=2280