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About improving a few methods of cross-stitch speed and skill

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The hope can be helped somewhat to sisters. Above all for the specific stitch that says cross-stitch. Normally half needle needs circumstance the next the following paces: 1, the needle goes down. 2, at hand goes. 3, draw a line. 4, the needle comes up. 5, the hand comes up. 6, draw a line. Sisters do not disrelish me irritated, say so 啰 Suo is useful.
    one, about embroider law.
  of     1, carry embroider. Carrying embroider is the king of the rate of cross-stitch embroider law of be worthy of. A lot of sisters may not know what is to carry embroider. Carrying embroider is actually omit the 2nd pace is mixed in above measure the 3rd pace, the needle comes up not to change a hand later, receive the part giving an injection of next stitch directly. Then can omit the 5th pace. The rate that raises embroider is absolutely and more than raised one times. But the defect that carries embroider also is apparent, the most regretful nothing is more... than is sutural and insufficient orderly, if you have patience online when pulling divide evenly, pull with the hand, embroider comes out or can look to go. Still have carry embroider to suit embroider to become only piece use when color, because messy needle wants to calculate those who issue stitch to give pin mark, more troublesome, easy also embroider is wrong. the sort of pair of color that have a few injections only more helpless.
    2, on a hand, an at hand. The sister that has used embroider wearing should meet this to be enrolled, actually need not embroider wearing is euqally OK. Most normally the practice is to use a heavy thing (line box is optimal choice) approach the one end of embroider cloth on the desk, embroider when it is OK to hold embroider cloth gently with above hand, still need not cockle embroider cloth, pretty good. Bury thrum very convenient also. After waiting for your adroitness, on sofa, on the bed, where be to be able to use this kind of method, it is OK to practice more. As to which hand above, this is indifferent to, it is good that sisters are used to. I recommend the right hand going up, say again below the reason. Still have even if help the issue of the line, can divide second pull, also can pull twice (cooperate double head needle, can accomplish flawless really say) , what draw need attention twice is when pulling, the line wants above, if you are online below when pull, very easy because of lose sight of and wind the string.
    3, synthesis. What is synthesis? Actually spoken parts in an opera is to use without a break in disorder, where to suit to use the sort of method with the sort of method. So I recommend the right hand above, can be in so suit to use the place that chooses embroider not to change a hand to be used directly carry embroider. Become in embroider piece color when, I like to use the embroider that carry embroider to be pressed in the half needle below normally, use skill to go up next, the method embroider that falls single-handed above half needle, can accomplish so fast good.