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3 big shoes of Chinese encounter cold winter

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The end of the year reachs when, manufacturer of aircraft of each district shoemaking began to demand repayment hardly the job. Meanwhile, 3 big shoes of so-called China factory front is facing a lot of shoes of Dongguan of river of advance of Zhejiang Wen Zhou, Fujian, Guangdong similar difficult problem -- the repay a debt that do not have money. Shoe aircraft manufacturer regards chain of industry of shoe line of business as the one annulus that go up, the bowstring that had found this industry chain is in stretch tight closer more, and 3 big shoes met Wen Zhou, Jin Jiang, Dongguan inevitably cold winter. "Laborer barren " painful

From on 80 time metaphase begins the century, annual after the Spring Festival passes grand " the laborer is wet " the contrail that records next Chinese farmer groups to flow to the city, also recording Wen Zhou, Dongguan, Jin Jiang at the same time the history that this 3 big shoes develop at full speed. The Chinese shoemaking course of study that relies on cheap labor cost get victory however greeted the first its cold winter 2004 however, 3 big shoes encounter at the same time " laborer barren " , the condition that lacks skill lets shoe factory boss be shown quite but.

"Institute of entire before plant needs worker the first month of the lunar year ten before can enrol full, hired a headaching job now, a lot of factories are be in all the year round hire, still provoke dissatisfaction. " a shoe factory boss tells Jin Jiang the reporter. As we have learned, it is difficult to hire a when make trade of advance river shoemaking hard injury, skilled shoemaking worker is become already rare lack resource, "Laborer barren " it is the main factor that restricts development of shoe line of business more.

It is Jin Jiang not just, in Zhejiang Dongguan of Wen Zhou, Guangdong is being performed " laborer barren " . Previously " apply for a job a street " also became now " hire a street " . In market of a few services, some shoe factories everyday someone goes mechanic of invite applications for a job, make a person always however disappointed as a result however. "I just went up two product line, do not rise with respect to actuate at all now, real action is less than a person! " Wen Zhou just the boss that oneself open a plant plaints. A staff member of ministry of resource of labor power of health Nai group tells a reporter: "Hire difficulty of it doesn't matter before, also must hit out actively now, wait for combination of a few local government with Sichuan, Henan for instance, do service output. Do service output..

Labor and social security ministry released in September 2004 " the findings report that is in short supply about the laborer " also point out, of Dongguan manufacturing industry " laborer barren " serious. According to statistic, breach of mechanic of its shoemaking course of study is controlled in 20 % .