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Arrive from shoe factory shoe Chengdu shoe line of business 3 years of great cha

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Reach industry of contemporary and mechanical shoemaking from domestic mill, arrive from street of clear acting wash and starch modern industry garden, arrive from onefold shoemaking the industrial catenary of perfect form a complete set... Chengdu shoe deduced 100 old histories picture scroll. A few days ago, association of industry of leather of federation of Chinese light industry, China more will " of Chinese female shoe " area brand awards an our city Wu Hou division, this also is the Chinese shoe line of business that my province acquires first " country the name " area brand! Regard the whole nation as one of base of 5 big shoemaking, how is course of study of our city shoemaking picked after all took Chinese female shoe to spend chief? Yesterday, china of area of Hou of fierce of reporter explore battalion western shoe industrial garden, covered industry of our city shoe " the mystery that seizes chief " .

   Intensive expands the division that establish garden

Collect shoe look forward to 3 many years many 1200

Line of business of our city shoe is the earliest only then at going up century reforming and opening at the beginning of, and revive flourishingly below the influence of market of leather of street of wash and starch. As we have learned, at that time, the factory of shoe of individual privately owned of our city outskirts of a city " emerge " kind in succession emerge in large numbers, when to 1999 fierce Hou area holds fair of first southwest leather shoes, whole town shoe is formed bigger industry dimensions, development limits covered fierce Hou whole area 5 all experience farming are street agency.

2002, heat wave like a raging fire is developed greatly western, china just joins WTO, province government, municipal government puts forward to make " a dimensions big, class the modern industry garden with tall, beautiful environment " strategic train of thought, as the province the key builds a project, the China that covers an area of 5.13 square kilometer western shoe industrial garden begins to establish garden in those days, subsequently, line of business of whole town shoe enters the gold period that intensive develops, industrial group, dimensions expands further, producer type also produced production of mechanization, modern automation line to produce qualitative leap from mill type.

Through the construction of a few years of time, current, china western shoe industrial garden already had a shoe kind enterprise many 1200, enterprise of relevant form a complete set many 3000, among them, bibcock enterprise, brand enterprise many 20, formed what be a center with garden area western the area is the largest shoe industry group gets together medicinal powder the ground, shoemaking and annual produce of industry of form a complete set amount to many yuan 100, annual amplitude amounts to 15% above.