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Shoe of lukewarm city of baked wheaten cake is burned wake lukewarm city person

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Before before long, dust Er cuts Spain abstruse gentleman from a great distance comes to Anthony of chairman of association of city shoe trade to Wen Zhou visit to make an on-the-spot investigation on a special trip, signed a theme to be with association of trade of shoe of lukewarm state city

"Contest closes " " Wen Zhou is enunciative " , announce both sides will compete to cooperate again already henceforth -- pay attention to more at mutual benefit mutually beneficial, advantage win-win of complementary, collaboration. Current, bilateral " contest closes " job of a few early days has spread out.
Who can think of, wen Zhou and the shoe job that dust Er cuts city ever were wrestle of photograph of a pair of life and death " enemy " . Cut city in dust Er just about, value 8 million yuan lukewarm city shoe ever sufferred a merciless conflagration that astonishs China and foreign countries.

From " lukewarm city person is avoided " to two conflagration

Appearance says someone, the hair core of lukewarm city person is empty, mean Wen Zhou person deal is particularly astute. Element has " Oriental Jew " the Wen Zhou's businessman that say, can of market of race to control is " business of short for Zhejiang Province " delegate. 20 come for years, they everywhere " make the market " , from provincial outside making a province, hit from churchyard again outside the condition, it is invincible almost.

On September 17, 2004, in the Spain that be separated by vast oceans dust Er cuts city, happened astonishing " shoe of lukewarm city of baked wheaten cake " incident. Business of shoe of lukewarm city of business of nearly 1000 this city shoes and shoemaking worker afflux gathers " Chinese shoe city " processional demonstrate, protest lukewarm city shoe broke their rice bowl, a few illegal elements burned the lukewarm city shoe of 16 container.

One is not made the same score, remove again, on March 12, 2005, the lukewarm city shoe of many 20 100 many container that export a company is in Russia suddenly by confiscate. After 4 months, russia produces a police one case to check again buckle Chinese shoe incident, among them great majority is lukewarm city shoe. The exit product such as the lighter that Wen Zhousheng produces, glasses, also cause the trade conflict between international ceaselessly in recent years.

"Recall a painful experience " below think over

Two conflagration are mixed for many times trade friction makes eventually of Wen Zhou knowledge businessman long narrow flag suddenlies wake up like that, discover the problem is main or go out to go up in him body: Advocated all the time in the past " competition is justifiable " , with " special can race to control " proud, this kind " market hegemonism " it is them everywhere the crucial germ of antagonize.

Recall a painful experience, the Party Central Committee puts forward " scientific progress is watched " guide a few Wen Zhou's businessmen to think over seriously, their management thinking appeared eventually a leap -- before before long, entrepreneur of a few Wenzhou civilian battalion are given out " new regression ' rich everybody earns ' management concept " proposal, be in very quickly fellow villager " circle " in arouse intense echo and echo.