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The barren that use worker worker and adjust footstep of white-collar beauty dil

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The winter a year ago, the Taiwan brand female shoe that is base camp with Wuhan " white-collar beauty " , ambitious allege, be in two years countrywide set up shop 500. A few days ago, chief says related this brand, already developed at present join in business many 80, slow at booking speed.

Although white-collar beauty is Taiwan brand, but the company grows in Wuhan all the time however, claim to want to grow from Wuhan for Chinese vogue female shoe the first brand. At the outset many hostage doubt, wuhan is not countrywide fashionable center, this brand whether be brought up smoothly? Wu Ze of president of line of business of white-collar beauty shoe wants to say, market of at present inland is started strong, and " the sale is king " , he values Wuhan center division more advantage and market other people shed a dominant position.

As we have learned, this brand interlinked means with joining in in August 2004 in a large-scale since dilate, join in business already pervaded now city of 20 much provinces, hold the city of fashionable forward position such as Guangzhou, Shanghai not only, enter northeast Liaoning even, reach Guizhou to wait western province market.

This brand carries out general manager Zhu Daoyou to say, afterwards initial stage erupts after type is outspread, join in now enter adjust smoothly period, join in speed also is decreased to the month all 10. This company takes pattern of labour trade depart, manufacturing base new move comes Guangzhou, and at present of this ground " the barren that use worker worker " let crop be critical, if again in a large-scale dilate is unwarrantable supply chain smooth. The company also needs to undertake employee grooms wait for interior to adjust, promotion joins in inn gain level, ensure join in survival rate. The company still is in those who consider opening to cover an area of 800 square metre in Shanghai next year to exceed inn of concept of big straight run, advocate battalion price crosses 1000 yuan of fashionable shoes, promote a brand once more.

The Wu Ze that is engaged in name of trade of shoe line of business in order to be in Wuhan wants to say, "White-collar beauty " the time limit that development 500 storefront plan by relaxed 2006 to 2008, but Wuhan of base oneself upon, make " Chinese vogue female shoe the first brand " the target won't be changed.