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2005 Chinese shoemaking course of study like a rising wind and scudding clouds

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2005 is the way that Chinese shoe line of business exports a complex and changeful year, no matter be Russia police forcibly shoe of confiscate lukewarm city, European Union is heavy to Chinese shoe entrance set barrier, still be Italy undertakes to Chinese shoe " poisonous " investigation, make we are in see Chinese shoe line of business contends for force unexpectedly rapid 増 is strong, have to come down to examine the new change in international market new structure afresh calmly. Nowadays, had come one new year, we appear cannot evasive a such problems: What is the pass that Chinese shoe takes? The road of the exit of Chinese shoe line of business will how can you just change twist be level road?

Review 2005 the development course of Chinese shoe line of business, anybody won't suspect, in this year, chinese shoe line of business got great progress again: Output blazes new trails again tall, quality promotes ceaselessly, the brand is founded gained revolutionary headway. However, in afterwards material the sources of energy rose in price last year, electric power supplies drawback of nervous, exit to reduce, labor cost rises and trade barrier restricts the influence that waits for an element to fall, 2005 Chinese shoe line of business export trade is like a rising wind and scudding clouds, attrition however ceaseless, this gives a few have those who export powerful momentum civilian battalion enterprise cheated a shadow more or less. The malign event that be aimed at Chinese shoe among them and produces is to allow hard pass the time in a leisurely way of people crucial point more. Nowadays, review the harships course with a year of medium in the past export trade, grasp opportunity to us, with benefit again fight has profit greatly undoubtedly.

"Incident of shoe of Russia confiscate lukewarm city " what to tell us?

Last year on March 13, to doing the business of shoe of a few lukewarm cities of Russia commerce for, it may be said is the day of a black. That day before dawn 2 when make, falling without any bodeful circumstances, the police that economy of blow of branch of Wu of a batch of Russia duties commits a crime is apart from the area austral Muscovite city suddenly the Sadawote of 14 kilometers market of painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, enter the container storehouse of shoe of Chu Fang China continuously, showed a piece to ransack after making, with " did not enter a country through normal entry, belong to smuggling article " for, pulled the container of Chinese shoe forcibly. The passport of the Chinese consignor of bargaining comes before asking the reason without reason is sequestered, reach among them partial person detain even police station, menace wants their repatriation. As we have learned, in these container that are pulled forcibly valuable the shoe of on 100 million yuan of RMBs, it is the cotton-padded shoes of business of lukewarm city shoe, odd shoe and sandal mostly among them.