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Informatization of spin garment industry 3 big inadequacy

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Whole will tell, 2005 informatization of spin garment industry is gradually a deal with concrete matters relating to work, regression is rational year. Integral situation is pretty good, but the place that also a few is like person meaning very much, these must be caused take seriously, basically reflect in:
1.Fundamental work is not quite steady
The link that spin garment industry involves and main body are particularly much, from spinning, printing and dyeing, weaving, hind arrange, hand-me-down, deserve to send final and retail, configuration happening changes for many times, administrative difficulty is greater. The fundamental work of informatization is not steady include a product encode of form code, receipt is non-standard, the accurate, seasonable, integrality of data is not too good wait. Although this is a very main foundation job, also be a thing that takes pain to to have grand positive result hard however however, it is good to will often be caught continuously so without relevant section or responsibility person fulfil this matter, will be one big hidden trouble eventually. The administrative pattern of clothing company oneself, origanization construction mode, industrial circuit mode is backward, have bigger difference with advanced informatization technology software, administrative system software. Express conventional investment and tradition of ability payoff element to invest ability payoff.
Talent 2% 20%
Program 2% 15%
Organize structural 2% 10%
Culture 1% 20%
Lead artistic 1% 10%
Information 10% 15%
Technical 82% 10%
100% 100% of add up to
2. informatization investment is heavy hard light soft
After somebody is undertaking study to the company that numerous executive information plans, discovered a peculiar paradox: What most enterprise believes information ability is main because originate,move technical; in fact, because be in these moving substantially of dispute technology, namely Mai Kaien paradox. Most company is growing a client, manage and when financial information ability, main fund disequilibrium the ground throws technical share and not be blame technology part, and actually, the blame technology element that is these ability decided the information ability of an enterprise. Information ability element includes: The leader art that understand this one effect the information culture that be used structure of the program that the ability of employee application information, implementation information deploys effectively, organization and the award that use information effectively to each function branch, for a long time and reflects this kind of value, adequately and backs investment, mix with value accuracy. Next watches showed with the form of per cent the enterprise was in in the past the relation between all sorts of elements of the investment of respect of client information ability and ability of information of real decision client.