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Tatting dress machines ABC

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Commonly used dress tatting fabrics is loom in order to send the form of shuttle, comprise yarn through the crisscross of classics, broadwise, its organization has tabby, twill and satin weave commonly 3 kinds big and their derivative stitch (latter-day also the application as a result of shuttleless loom, the weaving of this kind of fabrics need not send shuttle form, but fabrics still puts in tatting 's charge kind) . From composition component classifies the blending that includes fabric of cotton fabric, silk fabric, aba, hemp, chemical fibber fabric and them and interlacing fabric to wait a moment, no matter go up or the tatting fabrics use in dress is producing an amount to go up to be in lead position in breed. Tatting dress because the difference of the element such as its design, craft, style is being machined there is very big distinction on flow and technology measure, what introduce below is the ABC that general tatting dress machines.

(one) tatting dress produces technological process

Face complementary makings → of preparation of technology of → of inspection before delivery into plant cuts out hammer of keyhole of → tailor → buckles → to rectify hand-me-down of very hot → to examine to → packs → put in storage or give movement.

Quantitative check the amount and exterior and immanent quality should have after fabrics takes a plant examine, accord with the ability go into operation that produces a demand to use. Want to undertake the technology prepares above all before batch is produced, those who include craft sheet, model make and sample garment is made, client of sample garment classics affirms rear can enter below one pull current Cheng. Fabrics course cuts out, tailor makes semi-manufactured goods, after some woven fabric make semi-manufactured goods, according to special technology requirement, treatment is arranged after must undertaking, for example hand-me-down bath, hand-me-down is arenaceous wash, twist knit effect treatment to wait a moment, through keyhole the hammer arrests auxiliary working procedure and whole hot process finally, load a library via the bag after certificate of proof again.

(2) the purpose that fabrics examines and requirement

Closing good fabrics quality is the one link with important quality of control finished product. Pass pair of fabrics that take a plant examine and determine the percentage of A-class goods that can improve dress effectively.

Fabrics examines include exterior quality and immanent quality two big fields. Fabrics basically examines to whether be put in defect of damaged, smear, weaving, chromatism to wait a problem a moment on the exterior. Classics is arenaceous washed fabrics still should notice to whether be put in arenaceous path, dead plait to imprint, wrap around crack etc arenaceous wash defect. Does the defect that affects the exterior all need to brag with mark outpour  in examine deceive of A Chinese-style unlined garment of  of Yun of Ban Meng north? Nbsp