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Rhinoceros plait: The new style of male pants

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Common saying says " the person relies on garment " , frequent discrepancy the duty field public figure of all sorts of social situations is more such. To the duty field men of great ambition lofty or bottomless, can establish the spring clothing of professional figure most, business suit of nothing is more... than. The business suit with very straight a suit, what show a man fully is composed with grave, and should achieve this, assuring creases is crucial straight.
The example with straightforward creases, the military uniform that heroic bearing of nothing is more... than ofs material bearing. Now, a kind of technology that calls rhinoceros plait is planting this example by army in outspread to duty field, take the lead in introducing China by seven card men's clothing. Those who cooperate Li Lianjie of kongfu giant star is wonderful deduce, so-called " anti-creasing expert " male pants of plait of seven card rhinoceros, can maintain creases to never be out of shape, appear on the market with its the forceful, elegant, Gang Ren, temperament that exceeds wind earns everybody to favor.

Rhinoceros plait finalizes the design as a kind of permanent creases technology, can chain straightforward creases, no matter bath, dry-clean or wear away to won't be out of shape daily. This kind of new technology is England only originally royal army honour guard and design, apply extensively at England now marine corps of royal police, United States, West Point. Nowadays, the elite of Chinese duty field of shifty also began organic meeting to appreciate its elegant demeanour -- rhinoceros plait male pants is worn in the body, other people requires a brief survey only, can feel the soldier is just and precipitant spirit.

Domestic dress product because technical content and additional cost on the low side, establish the image of high grade hard all the time, the foreign brand of technical content on the high side gets a change to step in, bring domestic consumer eagerly angle. Regard the star with the most swift and violent in last few years development as one of enterprises, seven card is raising do one's best of the it may be said on product quality. Act on as synchronous as world advanced technique concept, the tailor that seven card introduces nicety from Germany, France, Italy early or late, whole very hot finalize the design equipment and computer are automatic composing, cut out system, the infuse of element of science and technology improved the character of seven card men's clothing and position greatly, and of technology of rhinoceros plait patent introduce, your all along inflexible male pants lifted tornado of vogue of science and technology.