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Make board foundation - - cut out

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Cutting out is the foundation of tailor, the precision that cut out should assure when cutting out, cut the clothes that give into parts namely piece with the error between example. The dress that machines to batch often needs the norms dimension according to dress and amount to divide a bed to cut out, according to example direction place reasonable platoon expects, each garment when cutting out piece the error between should accord with a regulation. Dismiss a method incorrect can make complete deviate designs hand-me-down modelling structure not only, and create very big waste. When batch is machined, can bring very big loss to generator. Baconian reach, cut out should master the following requirement correctly:
Master leave correctly reduce order. Break continuously without horizontal bring up the rear namely, first outside the mouth in buccal hind, aniseed is rectified after 0 little material first, pursue paragraph of operation, chase paragraph take makings.

Master the processing technique of corner. Fan Yi piece turning point, should differ with horny both sides feed leaves cut into parts, and not OK and successive corner is cut into parts, cut out accurately in order to assure.

Left hand pressing helps material, forcibly even and downy, cannot tilt, right hand push broach freelies easily, speed is orderly.

When cutting out, should maintain cut a knife into parts perpendicular, lest each garment piece generation error.

Assure to cut a knife into parts sharp from beginning to end, cannot have blade gap more, reduce a margin in order to assure bright and clean suitable straight.

The fixed position when making the crucial point wants to allow, cut a mouth to must not exceed 3mm and clear and abiding.

When cutting out, should notice to cut knife temperature into parts cannot exorbitant, especially synthetic fibre, garment of high temperature easy generation piece the brim becomes angry, the phenomenon such as brown, adhesion, can cause bit to stick at the same time corrupt.

Cutting out is not a substantive work, want to undertake such as spreads appearance of makings, picture to wait for preparative work before cut out. Shop makings is the shop makings number of plies that sets according to place and length, the deceive other Tan of  of Xi of  of bowstring of dress material female pond  of  of Qian of the member that collect rare  fly does Shan of barefooteding source of stew of 6 fall from the sky seek  deceive does ∈ of  of fat Meng of  of Ping of cut of gourd ladle of shrimp of pond of Mu Xi  protect  to blame Tiao of Cuo of fellow of  α  ? Nbsp

Cloth cover level off. When the shop expects, must make the exterior level off of every material, must not have ill-natured and cockle, rough appearance. Otherwise the garment piece will be out of shape, to sew the job brings difficulty, produce adverse effect to dress effect and quality.