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Clothing division should study fabrics designs allusion

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The group is taken to design Wu Haiyan of company total stylist to be in recently in when speaking of the stylist self-identity to clothing fabrics, think, outstanding dress stylist should have the quality of outstanding fabrics stylist, outstanding fabrics stylist also should have the eye of outstanding dress stylist likewise.

Normally, dress stylist does not intervene fabrics organizes structural design directly, just reach the requirement of ego and structural stylist to be discussed jointly according to popular trend, the choice designs the fabrics of different organization structure. But the modelling of the means of aftertreatment of the makings opposite side and colour, pattern, a lot of stylist are used to him designing. Many dress design Great Masters of Europe also are fabrics design Great Master at the same time actually.

According to Introduction Wu Haiyan, dress stylist has 4 sides to the requirement haply of clothing fabrics: Above all, fabrics fibrous constitutes due and popular change; Next, the qualitative induction of fabrics is brand-new, not due seem the move that ever was acquainted; The 3rd, a kind of fabrics is due the main color group of the different set of fashion colour, provide bigger choice margin; The 4th, colors fabrics is due a group of pattern that become series, in order to get used to the dress of different pattern and style. These 4 respects want popularity of international of give attention to two or morethings and ethical popularity, want give attention to two or morethings to consume popularity and industry popularity, show the individual character of stylist on this foundation.

The foundation is current the popular trend of international and home, the fabrics of the dress of disparate arrangement of ideas has different distinguishing feature. These characteristic, investigate its are formed by the fixed position of different culture grade at all.

The end with clothing final fabrics should be to be used on dress. Be in our country, the channel all of fabrics and dress often has two kinds of ways: The commonnest also is a kind when our country old follow comes down, the oneself observation to market demand analyses the manufacturer home ground that is clothing fabrics, the manufacturing variety that decide or develops fabrics and design. Fabrics produces the observation of manufacturer to analyse, have a plenty of what make in the light of the sale status of fabrics market directly, comparing what see more is the market superior sold fabrics pattern takes a future life to produce directly, if drag in arrives,patent or problem of other intellectual property change his appearance slightly to design.

A few manufacturer cost much labor power and financial capacity, development gives series product, for a time occupational even dominant market of domestic clothing fabrics. But the cost as a result of development is higher, the cycle of disinvestment is longer, plus does Zhi of design shedding elder brother censure nowadays does benzene of calamity of appropriate of Ъ of  of  of celestial being of goody of ┟ of suddenly of R of otter of dizzy  of cliff of  of  of ⑼ of  of Qi of  of unoccupied place Ta having enough need Juan flags treat show  basketry come to an agreement > does hut of  of exhausted  of have a nightmare of herd star having enough stop does Juan flag treat left-eyed flounder? Br>