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Orchid dream high capacity emulates soft drive. The embroider chance that gives

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(Article place alludes " Lan Meng " emulate soft drive understandable also for, turn drive turns USB device, perhaps turn drive turns Usb interface. Perhaps turn drive turns Usb interface..
(" Lanmeng" That This Text Mention Imitate True Soft Get Rid Of And Can Also Comprehend For, turn To Get Rid Of To Turn The Device Of USB, or Turn To Get Rid Of To Turn The Usb To Connect. Or Turn To Get Rid Of To Turn The Usb To Connect..

High capacity " Lanmeng " emulated soft drive to solve mechanical, electron, spin, dress thoroughly, presswork, the production industry such as carpentry cannot use U dish read the issue that takes process designing file, soft drive read dish of slow problem to had perplexed personnel of a lot of bosses, operation and maintenance technician a lot of years, can calls the long-standing that is a manufacturing industry the problem.
The Big Capacity" Lanmeng" Imitate True Soft Get Rid Of Thoroughly Resolved The Machine, electronics, spinning, clothing, printing, carpenter Etc. Manufacturing The Profession Can't Use The U Dish To Read The Plait Problem Of The Distance Document, soft Get Rid Of To Read That The Slow Problem Of Dish Hases Already Perplexed Many Bosses And Operates The Personnel And Maintains For A Lot Of Years, it Is A Problem With Difficult Eldest Brother Of Manufacturing Industry That Personnel Be Rated As.

Well-known, computer industry had washed out floppy disk and soft drive thoroughly, sell as standard configuration no longer 2 years before, and convert capacity big, bulk the U with small, high reliability dish the exterior memory interface that interface regards a standard as.
Know To All, the Computer Profession Has Already Eliminated The Soft Dish Thoroughly And Soft Get Rid Of, 2 Years Ago No Longer Be The Standard To Install To Sell, but Changed To Use To Have Great Capacity, the Physical Volume Is Small, the High U Dish Of Credibility Picked Up A People The Exterior Of Conduct And Actions Standard Saved To Connect.

But, making a trade, a lot of equipment are computer pilot, the integral frame design of these equipment is to be in mostly 5 years before, at that time, exclusive, popular, standard external storage is soft drive and floppy disk, these equipment remain the dominant product that sells on the market at present now, and still have many 10 old since accumulate those who come down, the device that using is counted with 1 million plan. Those who want these facility is embedded computer is updated entirely can read U dish new computer controls a system, not only cost is high, and cannot operate at all, the original design personnel of some equipment leaves present company already, the personnel of research and development of succeed cannot understand even those instructions possibly, this is, the industrial application of computer often wants an ironclad proof that lags behind 20 years and example than the technology of computer industry. The production date of these equipment from 10 get before for years present have, and the likelihood is in 5 years in, some manufacturer still can continue the machine that production, sale contains soft drive port.