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Exposition of textile of family expenses of international of Nantong of 2007 Chi

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Mobile date: In September 2007 20, 23 days

Mobile place: Nantong sports can exhibit a center

Sponsor an unit: The country uses textile guild in
Association of industry of collaboration of economy of Chinese foreign trade
Jiangsu visits office of collaboration of foreign trade economy
China International commerce promotes committee Jiangsu to save branch
Government of Nantong city people

Contact: Li Ping

Phone: 0513-87111016

Fax: 0513-87111020

Postpone meeting brief introduction
Undertake unit: Bureau of collaboration of Nantong city foreign trade economy
International trade promotes Nantong city committee
Shanghai loves rich to show service limited company

Exposition general situation:

Exposition of textile of family expenses of international of Chinese · Nantong on September 2007 21-24 day is held, taste association of industry of collaboration of economy of foreign trade of guild, China, Jiangsu to save commerce of hall of collaboration of foreign trade economy, China International to promote committee Jiangsu to save government of people of city of branch, Nantong to wait to be held jointly by spin of Chinese family expenses, the place can exhibit a center in Nantong sports. Exhibit meeting general to set a bed to go up to use face of textile, spin with textile, Wei Yu complementary makings, spin is mechanical 4 exhibit an area greatly, arrange more than 800 standard to exhibit. Exposition will invite ginseng of enterprise of more than 400 China and foreign countries to exhibit at the appointed time, predict to purchase commercial treaty domestic and internationally 50 thousand person-time, offer a Zhuo Cheng to be purchased effectively for businessman of family expenses textile, collaboration, commerce, negotiate new platform.
Cordial welcome is joined before global business, friend exhibit, make an on-the-spot investigation and negotiate commerce.

Nantong brief introduction:

Nantong is located in Chinese Jiangsu to save the eastpart part, the Yangtse River to join bank of big talk north, with international metropolitan Shanghai lies between Jiang Xiangwang, it is the main birthplace of industry of Chinese latter-day nation, for the production that China sees it is important to spin an industry base and the biggest sale, content sheds a center. Whole town home spins manufacturing company many 2000, from personnel of course of study 20 much people, the home spins a product year sale exceeds 50 billion yuan (6.4 billion dollar) , among them bedding home market is had lead 65 ﹪ above, have Jiangsu to fold home of stone bridge international to spin embroider of grand of duty of city, Jiangsu to taste the market two dimensions home's top-ranking home spins product major market, the product sells as far as to the 50 many countries such as Euramerican, Japan, southeast Asia, south Africa (area) , a batch of homes such as predestined relationship of Luo Lai, violet, Xin, Bao Man spin a brand to be famous in global. It is with this rely on, in September 2006 25-27 day, nantong was held successfully 2006 (Chinese · Nantong) exposition of textile of international family expenses. Exhibit can set a standard to exhibit in all 650, exhibit an area 12000 square metre, come from the country such as the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong (area) purchase business to attend a meeting on a special trip negotiate purchase, recieve business affairs negotiates and see a number 25000 people (second) . (Chinese · Nantong) exposition of textile of international family expenses already made one of exhibition of China's most important major of family expenses textile now.