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Carry on is promoted, head of Electromechanical of embroider of desolate hill en

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Recently inside a month, carry on promotes the textile industry such as area of county, Xiao Shan to develop the area has produced tens of removing embroider Electromechanical head advocate board by pilfer case, the enterprise that make the clothing is disastrous.

The general character of the law case of near future happening: Commit the crime staff always chooses those doing not have to call the police establishment of guard against theft, the plant that also defends personnel without the value does it, enter **** of embroider factory workshop through destroying window grating, door lock in the middle of the night after. Commit the crime the technical ability that personnel has certain use embroider opportunity, had pursued relevant job, some is the worker inside the factory even, understand the track of administrator and position of embroider Electromechanical head by day, take the advantage of unmanned guard to undertake larcenous in the evening.

Proposal: Company unit should raise vigilance, strengthen be on guard, be on duty soundly system. Be aimed at the midnight after thief commits the crime to choose to be in commonly or before dawn, relatively effective be on guard the method is strengthen in corresponding period of time, a sector of an area patrol, notice doubtful car, hair is existing lade similar commit the crime the tool reachs all sorts of sew device should call the police in time.