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Change smooth embroidery machine to be machine of much paillette embroider

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Face compete increasingly intense embroider market, be faced with day to urge meager embroider gain. It is to wash out you to become the smooth embroider occasion that chicken ribs gradually,
Buy costly new facility; or the vigor that make old machine coruscate new, make your new profitable machine? Luck and new generation embroider control system and much paillette apparatus, give you a satisfactory answer.
No matter be the smooth embroidery machine of the entrance, no matter; of homebred still the average machine that make the same score embroider is Tian Dao, SWF, happy; or
The machine of paillette of smooth embroidery machine of domestic different brand, we can let it turn the much paillette of new generation into inwrought machine!
Function is surmounted, the technology is banner, the price is reasonable, the service is considerate, luck and much paillette, your optimal choice!

Luck and the main characteristic of many paillette technology:
1) paillette embroidery rate is top can amount to 1000RPM
2) odd, double, 3 paillette random is combined, odd piece, fold an inwrought and convenient freely. Home's banner advanced control technology, cooperate the device of high grade paillette with steady performance, the paillette embroidery that lets you is absolutely extraordinary.
3) switch of much paillette independence, have all sorts of sheet, switch of a powerful person of double clearance gas controls a function, section is more perfect, do not wear small tail.
4) the much paillette of original creation folds a technology, 3-3, 3-5, 3-7, 3-9, 5-5, 5-7, 5-9, 7-7, 7-9, 3-5-7, main you can think of, we can be accomplished.
5) device of paillette of the nose that break a string rises automatically independently fall function, can locate quickly line nose, improve manufacturing efficiency.
6) the much paillette function that identifies pattern automatically, but pattern of direct and inwrought much paillette, need not undertake complex paillette is installed. Worker operation is convenient, decrease make mistake odds.
7) pattern paillette sets mode and setting number when periodic setting all absoluteness.
8) pattern paillette is OK one by one undertakes editing setting its dimension size. Satisfy your creation desire greatly.
9) form of paillette device configuration amounts to 9 kinds. Left weak right sheet, zun Shuang or right double, left double right sheet, zun Shuang is right double,
Left 3 or right 3, left 3 right sheet, left 3 right double, left 3 right 3 wait.

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