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Problem of machine ground wire

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912 machines of beauty of a forgive, machine long labour gets an electric shock when moving shuttle coming back hemp hand. Measure with electrography, as expected electrified. Call then I go solving a problem. I see its machine do not have ground wire, then I measure housing to be pressed to terrestrial electricity. Have communication as expected report of 150 much bend over. The power source that take a line is measured after putting out total power supply the resistor of leakage of electricity to the machine, discovery is less than 100 1000 ohm. As expected problem of leakage of electricity exists. Use a division to repair later, final discovery is the axis in power source box sheds fan bad, its coil and housing leakage of electricity. Cause whole machine leakage of electricity. Because do not have ground wire, also do not have protection so. Accordingly we suggest strongly machine must safe ground connection.