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T-shirt of case of peacock paillette 圖

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︰ of fast 導 覽 / 產 of T-shirt of case of peacock paillette 圖 tastes 編 號 : 003-002 city carry out decides 價: NT$1980 Yuan 現 is in special 價: NT$480 yuan 產 tastes 簡 interpose: Very brilliant peacock 圖 record, 組 of paillette of each 種 color becomes the feather of the peacock. The English word below 圖 case is by 綿 線 hand 縫 goes up, 讓 is whole T-shirt 質 feels uncommonChoose 薦 good friendList printed books 頁 ※ 產 article characteristic Case of ※ dimension 規

Commodity interpose 紹: Mouth of 進 of Japanese former 裝
Dimension: M 號
Body 寬 : 61 centimeter
Body 長: 43 centimeter
質 makings: 100% 純 綿

Photograph 關 產 article Former 價 of jacket of 織 of 編 of 針 of 鉤 of big V 領$2680
Special 價 $690 Former 價 of light jacket of 織 of 針 of 7 minutes of sleeve$2260
Special 價 $590
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