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Embroidery and meticulous quality flag pin

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Embroidery, also known as a version, is playing cards, tape or disc or by other processing to prepare a few of the tricks, guide or inspire embroidery machines and embroidery frame for the design process required for various sports. The designers of this process is making division. The term comes from the mechanical embroidery machines to punch holes through the paper tape to record the stitch derived. Whether mechanical or electronic embroidery machines, the purpose of recording stitch embroidery functions are identified and to allow the implementation of its action. May use a horizontal and vertical rods connected with the needle, or the mouse or by mechanical means more modern way to record those points needed to form Huayang. Product Photo courtesy of: beautiful computer embroidery factory Fenghua Fenghua exquisite embroidery factory is located in Fenghua, Zhejiang, the hometown of garments, located in the beautiful scenery of the national AAAA grade scenic tourist area, the hometown of Chiang Kai-shek, Fenghua Xikou. Convenient transportation and elegant environment. Factory since its inception in 1998, Thanks to all customers in the tender care, steady growth in production capacity, now has the advanced computer embroidery machine 10 (Total 141 heads), Tajima Japan, 2 sets of plate design system, computer laser cutting machine 1 , then a special vehicle delivery. After years of embroidery business, I plant experienced a technical director has trained first-class floral designer, has a number of carefully selected training of skilled operatives and detailed specifications of work inspectors. Sophisticated equipment and excellent staff, ensure that you provide high quality, efficient service.