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Computer embroidery machine a new growth point accuracy more stability to be

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Computer embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery machine, it not only high speed of traditional hand embroidery, efficient, but also to achieve hand-embroidery machine can not reach the "multi-level, multi-function, uniformity and perfection," the students Production requirements, is a kind of high-tech mechanical and electrical products. Although computer embroidery machine is far from cotton, chemical fiber, textile machinery, knitting and other conventional high degree of concern, but the computer embroidery machine is indeed an achievement Zhuji Embroidery Flower cluster. Before the end of the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010 exhibition, the beautiful, Fu Yi, dozens of companies have exhibited a high-end high-speed embroidery machines, embroidery machines, computer embroidery machine is a textile Machinery industry, a new growth point. Embroidery machine to sell out of stock First quarter of 2010, China's largest industrial sewing machinery industry gathering - almost all areas of Taizhou Jiaojiang sewing equipment company, have gained more than 100% growth rate. April began sewing equipment company Continue to maintain high growth, average growth rate of 60% or more. July is the production of this off-season, but still booming Jiaojiang sewing machine. According to insiders, is currently more than 300 sewing machines in Wuhan vendors and manufacturers, the annual sales income reached 700 million yuan. 1 July this year, the output of the sewing machine industry in Wuhan and the output was flat last year The estimated value of the entire industry this year will reach 10 billion yuan. Right now, the Wuhan Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Caramel embroidery sewing machines have been sold out of stock, the company due to strong production and demand, recruitment in large quantities. China is the world's largest consumer sewing machine, is also the largest producer. Currently, China accounts for production of industrial sewing machines for 40% of world production, export sales accounted for 20% of the world. Among them, computer embroidery machines Products can substitute the imports. Such as "SG", "Standard", "South China", "leap", "Delta" brand has been at home and abroad with high reputation. In addition, the joint venture products, but also has a large number of buy-back World World countries, do the same trend, the future is expected to develop into the world of sewing equipment manufacturing and sales center. Present computer embroidery machine manufacturer in China of about 80, mainly located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian provinces, the total annual output of head computer embroidery machine about 10,000 units. In these enterprises, In addition to the standard sewing machine company in China, Great Wall of China Optical Instrument Factory, Shanghai Association for Chang sewing machine factory, computer embroidery machine plant in Qingdao, Wuhan and the United States and some other good manufacturers of garment machinery factory with large scale production and development, other Many are simple assembly. Although in the past embroidery machine industry in China through a dozen years, has accumulated some experience, but a way, made computer embroidery machine is also growth phase, workers are naive Industry, with world-renowned Japanese brand computer embroidery machines Tajima (TAJIMA) company, BEHRINGER (BARUDAN) company, Brother (brother), Germany Cai Minsk (ZSK) Corporation, Bedford (PFAFF) products there is a These gaps, confidential domestic embroidery out of the country, the world will take some time and accumulation. Communication for Development Simple embroidery machine from the initial development of the industrial sewing machine to the now high-tech mechanical and electrical products is a process of continuous improvement and constant innovation. From the large international exhibitions can be seen, in recent Years, domestic and foreign varieties of computerized embroidery machine and technology development of faster and faster, higher and higher quality level, increasingly fierce competition. Japan, Germany and South Korea, computer embroidery machine will be the development of computerized embroidery machine Some kind of threat. Chinese computer embroidery machine industry, the positioning, how to seize the development opportunities, shorten the gap with international standards, has become a major issue we currently face. In order to maintain the competitiveness of their products, Most enterprises have chosen embroidery machine embroidery machine at home and abroad to participate in trade fairs, exhibitions, technology fair way out to understand the development trend of similar products. Very interesting is that, in recent years, both in Beijing, Shanghai, or in Fujian, Zhejiang and Guangdong, the country's textile machinery exhibition held in the large and small, sewing equipment exhibition, has evolved into a domestic embroidery Machine competing blooming stage, the charm of its momentum and has the status of computerized embroidery machine sewing equipment from the marginalization of the Chinese products pulled the center of the stage. As the world's leading textile machinery manufacturer before Fu Yee Group The end of the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2010 exhibition showcased high-profile high-end high-speed embroidery machine, Cheerful, Cheerful computer quilting embroidery machine, computerized single needle quilting machine, Cheerful, Cheerful computer cap embroidery, flat embroidery, embroidered clothing and other equipment . A Some customers also proposed to visit the factory and buy more machines not participating requirements. By participating, not only harvest the order Cheerful, but also through peer learning and exchange, collect the most comprehensive and timely market information Information. Challenges and opportunities In the five or six years ago, domestic and foreign customers in the purchase of computer embroidery machine, the brand on the market to choose from up to no more than 6, such as Germany, ZSK, Tajima Japan, BEHRINGER, or the domestic over America. Now clothing Enterprises in the purchase of embroidery machine, invariably will encounter two problems: First, select imported embroidery machines, embroidery machine or made? Second, is the choice of domestic embroidery machine produced in the North or the South produced? Particular, each time you take Exhibition When faced with a whole array of embroidery machines hall, as people do not know how to choose? Ultimate purchaser may often be more familiar to buy their own brand. Many brands of embroidery machines to buy some of those who can not start. Domestic embroidery machine from a known brand of view: the North have reached the United States (North Phenix), Qingdao Eagle wheel; South had spare the United States, Fu Yi, Rainbow, Ao Yu, Ballroom; Fujian There Yongxin; Shanghai has to work every day standards, Fen Shida; Zhangjiagang a concerted and so on, not to mention, Zhejiang, Taizhou, Zhejiang, in particular, Dongyang, Zhuji and other places has become an important and embroidery machine manufacturing focus base To become the pillar industry of local industry. According to authoritative statistics, currently known to be investigated in the embroidery machine has 150 manufacturing companies, computer embroidery machine manufacturer about 80. Leap Group, Jie, Tong Yu, etc. These Scale enterprises have already started to intervene in the embroidery machine industry. The face of domestic embroidery machine sprang up like the birth of the market reaction was mixed: on the one hand for customers to reduce the purchase cost of equipment will help enterprises to expand production scale; on the other hand, in the face of so many countries Production embroidery machine, how to treat and value for money to buy embroidery machine has become a major problem of customers. Indeed, domestic embroidery machine has a good price advantage, and was shaken imported embroidery machines in the market, "unified" the Board Surface. However, due to poor machining technology in China and parts of the uneven level of production and supply business, from product development, manufacturing technology, production supervision, staff quality, service and other areas, at present, many domestic embroidery Flower machine manufacturer or stay in the rough imitation stage. Accuracy requirements for both the mechanical or electronic control of the stability of the direction, we have to admit that domestic and imported embroidery machine embroidery machine, there are still some Gap.