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Computer embroidery machine operation precautions

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Automatic trimming embroidery machine operation Notes: 1, all the pins at a high level, you can not manually turn the dial. 2, the pin can not jog at a high level, otherwise it stuck. 3, do the preparatory work before driving rod, put the bottom line of embroidery patterns to choose good, choose a good match with the pattern work (such as dribbling, zigzag, winding, flat embroidery) and the appropriate embroidery parameters. 4, tie pins to drive should be preceded by checking whether all all down (zigzag embroidery machine embroidery hand to check whether the work place.) If not, should, first of all the pins down manually (hand-fitted to work the machinery spaces), then rod drive, or easy to damage the machine or there missing flowers. 5, embroidered with gold films, gold films the switching should be allocated in the upper, or gold disc device will not automatically lift. 6, gold pieces the size of the device to the right pressure, automatic lifting too small, too easy to bash gold disc devices. Pressure after a good tune it should not transfer. 7, the time to do three in one pattern sequin device embroidery frame from at least 7MM, to avoid crashing sequin frame. 8, every time when the new triple combination pattern, will be a good starting point embroidery, borders should be seized in order to avoid the more so when the head switch box and crashed sequin device or head. Custer wine imported pump valve 9, dribbling make embroidery embroidery embroidery and serrated, should first of all unit heads and line noodles wheel dribbling (or zigzag cords) Larsson, and all the pins that high, the robot into the state does not work, then reversing, or they may tear the fabric. After the embroidery to be completed, on the first dribble round all the lines (or zigzag cords) After finishing, to pin down, loaded to the robot work place, and then lever drive. 10, can not make high-speed transfer box embroidery, cloth so as not to spoil. 12, three in one machine to do embroidery for horse box, preferably in the first set of special needles. 13, embroidered embroidered piece, press the function key piece embroidery, you should first release all the cloth folder, and then move the embroidery frame, otherwise it will tear the fabric. For when the first frame after the fabric of cloth in front of a good clip, press the jog button, so that left the fabric needle and pins, and then clip the back of the cloth folder, this folder out of the fabric is smooth. 14, each embroidery pattern after, the dissolution of cloth folder folder to put all the cloth on the table in front of the two corner boards, you can not put online or pallet rack behind the cloth so as not to clip off the fabric or fall into the connecting plate platen gap, the damage to the fabric or the machine. 15, computer, set a good argument it should not change.