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Computer Embroidery Co., Ltd. Shishi City, peace orders increase in the total

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Computer Embroidery Co., Ltd. Shishi City, the peace, in crisis against the current, compared with a year ago, has achieved 65%% increase in clients, doubled the total orders for the good momentum. Physically Disabled Hu 6,7 years ago, founded the peace in the enterprise, all the way to the ups and downs. Municipal federations and other department heads come in time, encouraging him to strengthen the development of confidence. Growth in national security policy of a series of inspired, he buckled down, strengthen management, to technological progress in exchange for market space, nearly 200 million into new printing equipment, paints, dyes and so the whole printing process activity can be completed, printed products Quality has also been greatly improved. He does not require customers to order large, the quality of their products only require high and stable, and enterprises will have a stable order. The company strictly uses environmentally friendly printing dyes, product quality is very stable, but also to ensure timely delivery, test each batch of goods exported are all qualified and won the full confidence of foreign investors. As the international market pick up, the Philippines, the Middle East and other foreign orders for the incremental increase, but also added new customers in Europe and America, the total export volume has reached 2 / 3; the number of clients is also a significant increase over last year. Production and operation to rid itself of the shadow of the financial crisis, showing a sunny prosperity.